Small Bussiness Consulting

Business Consulting, Strategic Guidance & eCommerce services

  • Identifying and how to start a business in Latin America

  • Building strategic partnership & business plan & eCommerce planning

  • Analyzing the competitive environment such as market trends, competition, marketing, and distribution methods

  • Conducting qualitative and quantitative research for new innovative products

Establishing the distributor Network

  • Allocating solid potential clients/distributors
  • Advising manufacturer for initial prices offer and a supply plan for later stages Monitoring first product/s
  • Tests on fields to update manufacturer
  • Meetings with local Distributor

Building a relationship between local distributors and manufacturers

  • Managing the business relation in local markets
  • Avoiding the manufacturer with culture and bureaucratic problems of the local markets
  • Establishing technological channels for the flow of information

  • Our main target is establishing a long term business relationship

SEO Activities


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