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Common reasons to get a pet as a family

It’s no surprise so many people want to bring one or more pets into their home.

But there are different motivations for buying a pet. Some of the most common include:

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  • Companionship – single people and families alike look to animals to provide companionship. Unconditional love is rare in life, but it’s surprisingly common among certain pets. Having a pet who’s utterly devoted to you is appealing to many people.
  • Entertainment – Pets shouldn’t be welcomed into the home purely as a form of entertainment, but it’s a natural by-product. Most people have, at some point, played with an animal and experienced joy. Whether it’s playfully teasing a cat to chase a laser pointer, or letting a hamster run loose in the house inside its ball, most families get great enjoyment from playing with pets.
  • Benefiting your child – As we’re going to discover throughout this guide, your child will benefit from the presence of a pet. Mental and physical health will both be improved, while life lessons will be learned along the way.


What kind of pet is right for your family?


Small, inexpensive fish like a couple of goldfish can be a lower maintenance pet to care for and observe. Learn how to care for these fish before purchasing them. Feeding is once a day  They require clean tanks cleaned once a week, and they can be particular about their feeding.

fish for kids
The relative ease of keeping fish makes them perfect for young children as a learning tool.



Most cats like to spend time inside and outside, and will usually live for 15 years or more.  A cat is seen by many as requiring less effort than others.

cats for kids

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A cat with a proper temperament can be a wonderful and loving companion for a child. Pick a gentle cat that won’t be easily frightened.


A dog can give a lot of affection and makes a tremendous companion, but requires daily work and care.

dogs for kids

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Dogs are loyal pets, who love to play and need a lot of care and attention. They’re a good option for families who are looking to teach children responsibility


Hamsters / Gerbils

Hamsters provide younger children with a good chance to interact with a small animal. Gerbils are more awake during the day than at night. They require bedding, a good cage, an exercise wheel, and special food.

gerbils for kids

Like fish, they don’t take up much room in the home. It’s for this reason they prove such a popular option.



Rabbits are sociable creatures and will thrive when cared for as a family member. Rabbits can be quite affectionate and intelligent. It is important to learn the proper way to pick up or hold a rabbit so as not to hurt its back.

rabbits for kids

Rabbits are small enough for a cuddle, but again heighten the responsibility levels of a family. You also have the choice of whether you’d like an inside or outside bunny.

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