In the article “Which toys are recommended to a 3-6 months baby?” we mention that “between the stage of 3-6 months, babies are able to grasp and hold objects. Watching and interacting with moving objects helps boost these skills, thus supply your baby toys that encourage her to achieve, grab, and swipe, like mobiles or gyms that dangle on top of her head.”

This article recommends toys for babies between 6-9 months.

6-9 Months

Between six and nine months of age, babies grow and develop rapidly. Babies’ fine motor skills are improving. They start using a pincer grasp around this time, which opens up a whole new territory of play.

There are so many developmental leaps to look forward to between six and nine months.

Many of them are listed below:

  • Pick up, hold, and control an object using both hands.
  • Pick up larger objects with fingers.
  • Bang objects together.
  • Explore objects by grabbing, shaking, sliding and banging them.
  • Progress from holding things in her palm to using the thumb and first and second fingers.
  • Pick up larger objects with fingers.
  • Making noisemakers with plastic bottles for your baby to grasp and shake.
  • Playing finger games.

baby music

Any musical toys encourage the baby to communicate with you. It is an excellent opportunity to sing together.

baby gym

Baby activity gym to encourage your baby to explore, move and practice reaching for objects and sitting up.

wooden  duck

Babies typically start crawling between six and ten months old. This wooden duck with different shapes develops the ability of the baby’s tactile senses and hand-eye coordination naturally.
Do not have any sharp edges on them so they are a really safe toy for little hands.
Made of wood. Sturdy, long-lasting, safety and environment are friendly.

Animal Puzzle

Animals puzzles are great for developing hand-eye coordination and sensory learning.


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