Tips For The First Time Grandmother

Being a new Grandma is exciting and wonderful!

My wife has been a grandma for about three years now. She has learned much at that time, from her’s own experience and from others.

She prepared a list with some tips:

  1. Offer advice if asked. Shut up, often. If you aren’t asked for an opinion, don’t offer one up. Ever.
  2. Don’t reference how you did things back then, don’t suggest she try this old wive’s tale
  3. Keep your opinions to yourself.
  4. Leave the parenting up to the parents.
  5. Respect the wishes and rules of the parents
  6. Do things according to parent’s way, support the new family and respect their decisions include babies names
  7. Be available to the parents for advice, but never give it — or your opinion — unless asked.
  8. Help around the house. Fold some laundry, load the dishwasher, take out the recycling.
  9. Tell her she’s doing a great job.

Grandma _Warm Her Heart_smart and educational toys

You’re about to fall in love…Be prepared to be unreasonably crazy in love.

The love for a grandchild is unlike anything you’ve felt before.

Enjoy it!

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