3-6 Months

Between the stage of 3-6 months, babies are able to grasp and hold objects. Watching and interacting with moving objects helps boost these skills, thus supply your baby toys that encourage her to achieve, grab, and swipe, like mobiles or gyms that dangle on top of her head.

During this time, you also find the majority of babies on their tummies.  After many tries of pushing on their hands and knees and eventually learn to sit up.

A great collection baby toy to have between three and six months are the following:

  • Playmats with toys that hang
  • Teething rings
  • Soft blocks
  • Balls
  • Soft squeaky toys

Playmats with toys that hang

Playmats, a Baby carpet, this is a multi-function is a map, picnic carpet, beach map is a fantastic choice for your baby to play and learn about colors and path.

Baby baby mat ensures that baby stays comfy as they stretch, roll, crawl or sit up.  Baby play mat can be used indoor /outdoor because it is portable

mat baby activity

Inflatable tummy time water

This Bay play mat colorful sea world will help your newborn has fun squeezing, squishing and pressing the water mat.

baby mat activity

Hand Bell Ball Rattles

Little Hand Bell Ball Rattles in its colorful and cute design. It helps in brain development with its creative look and assemblage. With added musical features to get the most of your baby’s attention.

hand bell balls

Plush balloon animal

Super soft and very squishy. Super easy to squeeze it without any noise.

plush animal balloon

Baby crochet-knit little bear

baby crocket


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