The self-esteem may be a notably vital topic that touches all-embracing spheres of daily life which defines – for the better and also the worse- several activities, behaviors and talents of all people in our social interaction. A confident kid wants a positive and realistic perception of his or her skills.

12 tips for raising confident kids & self-esteem 

Photo by Daria Shevtsova

  1. Show your love. Let your child know you love him no matter what. It’s probably the most important thing you can give your child.
  2. Make it clear to your children that you love and care for those even when they make mistakes, and avoid harshly criticizing or shaming them.
  3. It’s important to give your child positive feedback because children measure their worth and achievements by what you think
  4. Joining in a child’s play sends the message that he is important and worthy of your time. During playtime, parents can allow children to initiate or choose the activity, as well as lead it. 
  5. Don’t get upset about mistakes. It’s natural to want to protect your child from failure, but trial and error are how kids learn, and falling short on a goal helps kids find out that it’s not fatal. Don’t get upset about mistakes. 
  6. Teach resilience. No one succeeds at everything all the time. There will be setbacks and failures, criticism and pain. Help kids see that everyone makes mistakes and the important thing is to learn from them, not dwell on them.
  7. Children are more confident when they know who is in charge and what to expect. Set rules and be consistent.
  8. Spend quality time with your child. When we give them our full presence, they understand that they are valued and important to us. Do what they like doing, and explore their interests.
  9. Encourage them to try new things. Self-confident children are willing to try new things without fear of failure. Getting new skills makes kids feel capable and confident that they can manage whatever comes their way.
  10. Encourage sports or other physical activities. Sports help girls and boys build confidence. They learn that they can practice, improve and achieve goals. According to my opinion “ horse-riding improves the self-esteem”
  11. Children are more confident when they know who is in charge and what to expect. Set rules and be consistent.
  12. Give children tasks to help them feel useful. These tasks can include helping with a pet, being your cooking “assistant”, etc.

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